Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational Surrogacy

Surrogacy is the process of creating a pregnancy by placing the embryo or embryos of a couple created by the in vitro fertilization method into the uterus of another woman, and then ending the pregnancy with delivery of the baby.

In the surrogacy process, does the embryo have to be created with the couple's own egg and sperm cells?

No, such a situation may not always be possible; As it is known, in couples who apply, sometimes sperm or egg cells that can create pregnancy may not be obtained. In this case, donor sperm, donor egg can be used in the embryo to be transferred to the surrogate mother, or donor embryo can be used if necessary.

In which situations can surrogacy be done?

  • The primary reason for surrogacy is that the uterus of the female partner has been surgically removed or does not have a functional uterus in terms of pregnancy, or she might have a medical condition that prevents the pregnancy.

Is surrogacy legal in Northern Cyprus?

* Within the framework of the laws of Northern Cyprus, this procedure is legal if the necessary indications for surrogacy are determined.