Tandem IVF which allows the use of patient’s eggs in addition to healthy donor eggs is an important technique for women who have decreased egg count or egg quality. Tandem cycle can be defined as a Plan B which includes the use of donor eggs to increase the probability of pregnancy if treatment success with the patient’s eggs is low. Since the goal is not to have too many eggs, this treatment does not require using high dose medications.

Most women may hesitate or feel uncertain when giving approval for this procedure. With this technique which guarantees to have healthy embryos is recommended because even if the patient’s embryos are not successful, donor eggs can be used. Tandem IVF cycle which is used in only a few clinics in the world guarantees high level of success with the opportunity it provides to choose embryos with our team of experts and our strong infrastructure.

Good Candidates for Tandem IVF Cycle

Tandem IVF cycle which is a good alternative for women who are older than 38 years old and have high FSH levels is also a suitable treatment option for women who have low egg quality or low egg reserve.

Tandem IVF Cycle Procedure

Both donor’s and the patient’s eggs are injected with the partner’s sperms on the same day. Then developments on both sides are monitored separately. After monitoring the eggs for 5 days both sets of embryos (embryos developed from the eggs of the patient and from the donor) are evaluated and the ones with the highest quality, after approved by the couple are transferred. The remaining embryos are recommended to be frozen and stored.

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