Donor sperm can be a treatment option if the sperm quality is too low to inseminate egg cells or no sperm is found in the man's semen and no sperm can be extracted with a micro TESE surgery or for women with no partner or for lesbian couples.

Patients are recommended to review alternative donor profiles to choose the best donor. Due to difference in legislations between countries, donors have remained anonymous until recently.

If the donor accepts such a process and when the child is 18 years old, the child has the right to demand contact information of the donor from the sperm bank.

Certified sperms from accredited cryobanks in Europe and the USA which comply with international norms are used in our clinic. Only certain information can be disclosed when requested pursuant to the laws of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This information includes height, weight, education status, skin colour, eye and hair colour as well as some socidemographic characteristics. Disclosing the above information which does not include any identity information does not contradict the law. Donor sperms from the sperm bank are chosen anonymously. Sperm donation from the citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is not accepted. Certified sperms from sperm banks, which comply with international standards are used in our clinic after being subject to physical evaluation, infectious disease screening, genetic screening and screening for hereditary diseases.

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