Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is the procedure in which an embryo or embryos of a couple produced with in vitro treatment is implanted in the uterus of another woman to create pregnancy and this pregnancy is carried out to term by this third person.

Does the embryo have to be created with the couple’s own egg and sperm cells in surrogacy?

No, this may not always be possible because as it is widely known some of the couples applying for this procedure may not have sperm or egg cells at the quality required for pregnancy. In this case donor sperm, donor egg can be used in the embryo to be transplanted to the surrogate mother or donor embryo can also be used.

When can surrogacy be possible?

  • The first reason to choose surrogacy is surgical removal of the uterus of the female partner or the female partner does not have a functional uterus due to a congenital disorder.
  • Additionally function losses in the uterus that develop later, in other words severe intrauterine adherence following a dilation and curettage or infections create a second important group.
  • Medical risks (for example hypertension, heart problems) that can cause problems in pregnancy can be considered as an indication for surrogacy.

Who can be good candidate as a surrogate mother for a couple?

  • A surrogate mother candidate can be someone from the couple’s family or a friend or a woman can professionally provide this service to the couple, in exchange for a fee.
  • – The important thing is that the surrogate mother candidate’s uterus is healthy and can carry the pregnancy and the mother is at an appropriate age (preferably between 21-40), and has a physical and mental health that helps to have a healthy pregnancy. Additionally the surrogate mother candidate must have had at least one healthy pregnancy and birth.

How is the procedure done?

  • In the gestational surrogacy, initially the couple and surrogate mother candidate are undergone routine tests.
  • First healthy embryos are prepared and frozen and then the surrogate mother is prepared according to the frozen embryo procedure and finally embryos are transferred.

Is surrogacy legal in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus?

The laws of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus allow this procedure if an application is done to the Ministry of Health with a file that proves the existence of a medical indication for surrogacy.

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